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Frequently asked questions about our services:

Q:  Who can benefit from our Estate Sales Services?

A:  People often hold estate sales after the death of a loved one as a way to liquidate their personal assets.  Our services also assist those who need to downsize or declutter, relocate, and liquidate cherished collections.

Q:  Are there upfront costs for hosting an Estate Sale?

A:  No.  Heartland Estate Sales & Services is paid from the proceeds of the sale.

Q:  How should we prepare for a free consultation visit with Heartland Estate Sales & Services?

A:  Please remove the items you wish to keep or store those items in a secure location in the home.  Do not dispose of anything you're not sure of.  We will walk through the property to determine which type of sale makes the most sense for you. 

Q:  Are you bonded and insured?

A:  Yes, we are bonded and insured.  If needed, we can provide documentation to the executor or client representative. 

Q:  Do you offer alternatives to a traditional on-site estate sale?

A:  Yes, we are a Independent Affiliate which allows us to sell your items on one of the largest online auction platforms in the Midwest Region.  

Q:  Who determines the asking price for each item?

A:  Heartland Estate Sales & Services prices each item.  We strive to price items based on "fair current market value."  If necessary, we will use the services of a specialty appraiser. 

Q:  How do you attract customers to the sale?

A:  We will promote your sale in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, social media, local newspapers, other online resources, mailing lists, and estate sale signage.

Q:  My home is for sale.  Can you promote it during the estate sale?

A:  Yes, we are more than happy to distribute promotional material provided by you or your agent on the days of the sale.

Q:  How do I contact Heartland Estate Sales & Services?

A:  Please feel free to contact Mike at (651) 600-2511 or

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